2020 Amrum-Challenge cancelled due to Corona-Pandemia

We held up the flag, but unfortunately, we have to hereby cancel the 2020 Amrum Challenge due to the Corona pandemic. Entry and participant fees will be reimbursed. 

Please save the date for the 2021 Amrum-Challenge: Ascension Day, 13. – 16. May 2021.

Reasons for cancelling are manifold. First, the German Rowing Federation (DRV) cancelled all championships and national regattas until August 15th. This included the premier German Coastal Championship which we had the honour to have been assigned with and to be staged at the Amrum-Challenge. The DRV also suggested that all German rowing clubs follow their cancellation and cancel all other regattas respectively. The organizing club of the Amrum Challenge, RG Wiking Berlin, supports the DRV lead.

Second, the official pandemic decrees in Schleswig-Holstein continue to ban all events on Amrum, all touristic crossing and overnight stays until 3rd May. No trip can be booked until the registration deadline on May 1st. A postponement of the Amrum-Challenge to a late date during the favourable wheather period is not possible.

Finally, at the federal level, until further notice and explicitely in May, joint sport activities, including rowing, are only allowed for people that share the same household or, alternatively, with one third person, while maintaining the distancing rules. This prevents the entries in the C4x from racing and touring. Until August 31, all major events are prohibited nationwide. 

We are looking forward to meet you all at the Amrum-Challenge in 2021!

Stay healthy!